Scott Taylor

Scott holds an undergraduate degree from Winona State University in Minnesota, where he served as an intern for a criminal defense firm. During this time, Scott had the opportunity to work on the appellate brief for State v. Burbach, 2005 Minn. LEXIS 212, a high profile criminal case. His assistance in this landmark case aided in the full acquittal of the Defendant from all criminal charges.

After graduation, Scott began work with a legal malpractice firm where he helped prepare over twenty (20) appeals to various appellate courts, including the Illinois Supreme Court. Scott’s robust paralegal experience includes zoning appeals, civil litigation and probate and family law matters. His expertise encompasses all aspects of the legal process from pre-litigation, up until trial. Scott has developed a knack for helping clients successfully navigate the complexities of the legal process.

In early 2020 Scott relocated to South Florida to join the Tomlinson Law Group. He is committed to the company’s clients and is available to assist in addressing any concerns you have about your specific claim or case and is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the legal process. Scott is an avid sports fan and enjoys golfing and bowling in his free time.